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Friday, January 16, 2015

Blue Sky Roof Cleaning Service in New England

Blue Sky Roof Cleaning Service in New England
Blue Sky Certified "Soft-Wash" process has been used throughout New England to clean and treat over 2000 roofs just like yours.

Blue Sky Power Washing has all the correct insurance including liability and workers compensation.

Blue Sky products used to clean the exterior of your home are biodegradable! Having your roof in Southern New Hampshire cleaned is recognized as general maintenance as it improves the life of your asphalt shingles.

We use a soft wash system in NH & MA, which means that the pressure is similar to that of a garden hose.

The use of high-pressure will not only damage your roof, but it will also void any existing warranty that your roofing materials may have. Many companies claim that their process is "low-pressure" when in fact they are simply "dialing down" the PSI (pounds per square inch) output of their high-pressure units. Another cleaning method you will want to avoid is one that involves the use of an "aluminum disc" also known as a "surface cleaner". This equipment has been designed strictly for hard surfaces such as driveways, walkways, tile floors, etc. A surface cleaner simply rinse away any dirt and debris without killing it. In fact, this method actually spreads the bacteria, which causes your situation to be much worse the following year.

Blue Sky Power Washing works for 100% customer satisfaction. Go with the Professionals at Blue Sky: call (603) 594-WASH "9274"

Visit our website to learn more about what we do and see pictures of roofs we've washed.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Have your Roof Cleaned with Blue Sky Soft Washing Service (603) 594 - WASH "9274"

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Blue Sky Roof Cleaning Process:

Roof cleaning is not the same as siding / clapboard washing, and it is not an exact science.

Below we try to explain clearly our process so you can have accurate expectations.

Please note: lichen, algae, and moss grow into the shingles, and can never be perfectly removed.

1.  We softwash, which means we use water pressure only equivalent to a garden hose.
More than that can cause shingles to lift and water to find a way into your roof and or ceilings like ice backup can do in the winter.

2.  We use a foaming biodegradable cleaning solution (safe for pets, humans, and landscaping), which sits on the shingles for
about 15 minutes and kills all of the moss, algae, and lichen.

3.  The black streaks are a type of algae and will come off the same day of service.

4.  The green is moss and / or lichen.  Although they will be killed that day, there will be grey and white left on the roof which
comes off over time from the rain storms.  
The reason it does not come off that day, is because it needs to die down to the roots, and then as it rains more it washes it off.  
If we have normal rain weekly, it should come off gradually over 30-60 days.
Please note: Some home owners choose to pay to have it manually scraped off, an expensive service.

We do not offer this service for two reasons:
a. Manually scraping shingles can damage if not ruin your shingles and roof.
b. We do not have our men go onto the roof surface itself due to the safety and liability issues.

Go with the professionals at Blue Sky Power Washing

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Safely Cleaning your roof in Westford, MA with Blue Sky Pressure Washing Service call (603) 594-WASH "9274"

If a service provider tells you they can pressure wash your roof to clean the algae right off it – don't believe them! You should never use a pressure washer to clean a roof.  It will destroy your asphalt shingles! Your warranty on your roof will void and the bacteria will grow right back. 

Safely clean the roof of your residential home in Westford, with Blue Sky Soft Washing process!
We use a hot water, soft wash that will safely remove the bacteria and stains. 

We wash according to shingle manufacturer guidelines. We carry 4 million dollars in liability insurance.

We do NOT pressure wash or scrape your shingles which will damage them.
Blue Sky products are professional and our work is professional. 

We warranty our services, especially the roofs for 3 years!

Would you like to see some pictures of our work? Blue Sky Power Washing

Go with the professionals at Blue Sky Power Washing.